I am a Web Developer, I do:

  • Freelance, for a living
  • Startups, for innovation
  • Programming teaching, for transmission
  • Hackathons, for fun
  • Volonteering, for others
  • Personal projects, for me

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The definitive guide to using Docker as a local development environment (part 2)
Last Update Jun 13, 2017 | Language

Learn how to plug a DB to your Dockerized server

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The definitive guide to using Docker as a local development environment (part 1)
Last Update Jun 12, 2017 | Language

Learn how to setup your local server within a Docker

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The day I stopped using Heroku
Last Update Jun 14, 2016 | Language

Heroku has been a great service, but also has too much control on my work.

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My own React vs. Angular
Last Update Nov 11, 2015 | Language

Comparing the two frameworks inner architecture

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Why we should finally boycott Internet Explorer (and all Microsoft's browsers)
Last Update Jul 10, 2015 | Language

Web developers but not only...

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10 tips on how to improve design skills as a web developer
Last Update Jul 3, 2015 | Language

Developers often have a thing against design

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How to restore specific data from previous backup on Postgres Heroku? (Eg. Accidentally deleted rows)
Last Update Sep 9, 2014 | Language

If you have the backup, you have the data. Read the following...

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Sublime Your Code
Last Update Mar 25, 2014 | Language

Tips and shortcut for Sublime Text usage. Presentation made for Le Wagon

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