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About me

After graduating Telecom Paristech in 2010, the top French IT engineering school, I took my first working-experience in IT consulting. Two years later, I left it there to come back to my early passion: the Web. This is how I became a web developer.

Since then, I cofounded Copass, I taught Ruby-on-Rails at Le Wagon and took part to several projects doing freelance or personally. I also like to write when I have things to say.


Like several of my peers, I am an idealist who wishes to live according to my own values. Being a freelancer allows me to have an opinion on the content of a contract. It is important for me that I believe in your project:

  • It is useful to the world: eg. it has a positive social or environmental impact, or simply brings value or newness to its users. Profit can be a mean, but isn’t an end.
  • It can be successful: otherwise paycheck is the only motivation, which is dry and makes client relationships unhealthy.

Of course, we all have contradictions, and I am very open to talking.


CTO as a Service

Building a startup without a CTO? I’ll assist you on building your MVP, receiving tech advices, or hiring someone.

  • -
    Fullstack MVP Development
    Avoid having too many people to talk to, take on that does it all!
  • -
    Tech Architecture
    What techno should I use? Where to host my app? How many servers? What backup frequency? Wow that many questions already!
  • -
    Entrepreneurship best practices
    What media to follow? What event to attend? Who's in the field?
  • -
    Hiring a good dev
    Finding the right person is not easy. I have tests and interview questions ready to challenge a candidate.

Back-end Development

I like working with NodeJS, and have a deep expertise with Ruby-on-Rails that I taught at Le Wagon. On the DB side, I like both SQL and NoSQL for their own qualities.

  • -
    Many startups and freelancers choose Rails for its efficiency and their many open-source librairies.
  • -
    Server-side javascript (in addition to the client-side). Very flexible, hence good for small hacky apps.
  • -
    This language is often used as an alternative to Ruby, and by many academics for its clean of style.
  • -
    Most popular server side language in the early 00's. I don't like it, but I can still work with it.
  • -
    THE SQL database system.
  • -
    The most common NoSQL database system.
  • -
    Older and less powerful than PostgreSQL, this DB system remains used around.

Front-end Development

I can build complex web applications as well as good looking and responsive interfaces from a simple graphic design.

  • -
    Basic Web Languages do make your browser alive.
  • -
    I like to build beautiful products. I can create a beautiful and functional interface from a static design.
  • -
    My latest favorite from the JS Frameworks. Built by Facebook.
  • -
    React's immediate opponent by Google. Not so elegant to use, but still powerful.
  • -
    To make the browser talk to your server with page reload.

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